1. Shotguns only at this range, no larger than 12 gauge
  2. Non-lead ammunition only
  3. Shot size limited to maximum of 6 steel
  4. No alcohol or drugs allowed during shooting hours
  5. Treat every gun like a loaded gun
  6. Always point muzzle in a safe direction
  7. Keep shotgun unloaded and the action open when not shooting
  8. Wear eye and ear protection at all times
  9. Carry only the correct gauge ammo for gun in use
  10. Do not point loaded gun at trapper
  11. Loading is performed only when it is the shooter’s turn to shoot
  12. All shotguns must be unloaded with actions open BEFORE the shooter turns to leave the shooting station
  13. Shotguns must be carried with actions open and muzzles pointed forward/down or straight up
  14. Retrieving shotshell hulls is allowed only when the round is completed and “the range is clear” command is given
  15. Immediately obey all commands given by the range safety officer
  16. No one is allowed past the firing line or most forward shooting position until the range is clear
  17. In the event of a malfunction, jam, or other condition where a live round remains in the gun, the shooter must keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction (down range) and call for assistance. All shooting ceases on that field until the condition has been corrected. In the event of a hangfire or misfire, DO NOT OPEN the gun for 30 seconds.
  18. No Damascus barrels allowed